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Our proven process is a culmination of three decades of experience and refinement. Our highly trained technicians understand the quality, care, and attention to detail that must go into every project. Our combination of restoration and preservation techniques produce a natural finish that simply looks better and lasts longer.

Example of our services. Nu-Wood 2 empoyee spraying the side of a barn. You can see what old wood and new wood looks like.


Our restoration process aims to clean all wood surface areas with highly specialized pressure washing techniques at a minimum of 3,000-4,4000 psi. The primary goal of this step is to restore the wood surface, and rid it of mold, mildew, algae, and fungus.

The secondary function of pressure washing is to open the pores of the wood on a cellular level, providing a more efficient absorption rate of our wood preservative. This is important because it prevents further degradation of the wood cells, while simultaneously increasing the service life (the amount of time before having to repeat service).

A wood brightener or conditioner may also be used in certain circumstances with the goal being to brighten or enhance the woods natural color. In select cases, we also utilize a chemical treatment in order to remove old and stubborn preservatives like solid body stain.

Nu-Wood 2 employee applying resoration materials just underneath rooming. Tape is sealing the window.


Our preservation process aims to protect all wood surface areas through application of our unique Nu-Wood2 Commercial Grade Wood Preservative. Before applying our product we make sure to carefully protect windows, doors, landscaping, and other sensitive areas that need to be protected from excess stain.

Next, we apply our product with commercial grade airless sprayers for a more even coating and better surface coverage. We incorporate the highest quality raw materials available into manufacturing our product, which has been proven over three decades.

When it comes to quality, we firmly believe that you get what you pay for. In this case, it means we’re able to produce a much longer service life, saving you money over the long term. This is where we spend a little extra so you can spend less time worrying about protecting your investment. In select cases we’ll apply alternative forms of treatment upon request.

Protect New Wood
Restore Old Wood

Renew it.

  • - Weather-worn
  • - Faded
  • - Aged
  • - Oxidized
  • - Darkened
  • - Mildewed
  • - Molded
  • - Stained

Protect it.

  • - Log Homes
  • - Wood Sided Homes
  • - Redwood and Cedar Siding
  • - Cedar Shake Roofing
  • - Decks
  • - Fences
  • - Boat Docks
  • - Utility Poles


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